Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. It provides the dancer with a progressive, solid framework : suppleness, stamina, technique, interpretation, energy and grace to perform all other styles of dance. From the young dancer in their early classes pretending to be butterflies or dragonflies through to the older students dancing 'en pointe' - this classical style of expressive movement has something to offer for everyone through exam and non-exam classes.
Here at Planet Dance ballet is offered through weekly classes offering accredited examinations for students who wish to gain progressive awards from their efforts. We also offer medal examinations which make the performance side of the genre the main focus.


Tap dance is making music with your feet! From the first steps students realise they can influence sound to music and find the picking up of new steps challenging but extremely rewarding! Tap classes help with concentration, stamina and rhythm enabling students to recognise the beats within music and learn about time signatures and the dynamics with the sounds they make. Tap is also very good for co-ordination and musicality. Many of the staple Broadway and West End shows (42nd street, Crazy For You) through to more modern extravaganzas (Tap Dogs, Stomp and Billy Elliot) all use tap dance in a variety of styles- a true dance skill. Progression is offered through weekly accredited graded exam work and medal tests to build both technical and performance skills.

 We understand that not every student is the same and some may not wish to take part in examinations and this is also catered for. Annual school shows are also a fantastic way to celebrate a years hard work with fellow friends in the class!

About your Teacher

Since Miss Jo was 3 she has loved to dance and choreograph.
Through her training in Tap, Ballet, Modern Jazz and Musical Theatre she has turned this love of dance into a passion for teaching. Jo gained her teaching qualifications through the British Theatre Dance Association and is also a qualified member of the N.A.T.D. Along her dance journey she has been lucky enough to be involved in a wide variety of other dance genres and performances, including Flamenco, Disco Freestyle, Ballroom and Street Jazz and hopes to continue to learn as well as teach. She believes that dance is more than just learning the right steps, itís an expression of joy. Although many students may not eventually pursue a career in dance, she believes being involved in it can nurture many positive traits that are invaluable in life, confidence, concentration, achievement, working as a team as well as an individual. She hopes to pass on as much of that as possible to her pupils, hopefully making hard work fun!
"I love teaching at Planet Dance, whether it's a 3 year old in Tiny Tutus pointing their toes in class for the first time or one of the older members of the tap classes that gets their first tap shoes in their 70's-the magic will never get old!"


Inter Beginners : Mondayís 6-6.45 pm
Level 2 - Class 1 : Tuesdays 7-7.45 pm
Level 2 - Class 2 - Tuesdays 7.45-8.30 pm
Level 3 - Tuesdays - 8.30 - 9.15 pm